Friday, January 5, 2018

My Ekphrastic Journey: A Fork in My Road

Its 2018 and I have not been here to update my blog in some time. I have been really busy with my physical art side and now have come to the conclusion that I need to combine my two loves, literature and art. I have been getting my classes in at Cheyney University which is helping me develop my hand. Painting, drawing, sculpture and the history of art and graphic design have been the palette that I have been fed over this past year and a half. Coupled with the English degree that I now can add to my list of accomplishments, the art degree and experience is what is needed to bring the dream plan together. My book.

I have juggled with topics. A children's book that I have completed, all but for the illustrations, which I know will be time-consuming, and a poetry book with an ekphrasic theme. As I wander through my poetry, visions of the type of art that I can produce to accompany each piece fill my mind. I can see the colors of each line emit its own want and need for visual validation. With that said. Write like a mf---er has taken on a new meaning in my creative journey. I reread my previous post about reasons not to write and have reposted it for a reminder not only to my fellows but to myself. May the creator give us time to create more, live more do more. Happy new year all!

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