Judith Stark Poetry Contest Winner!

I want to thank the Judges of the Judith Stark Writing Contest @CCP for honoring me for this poem, it came in 4th place and was granted an honorable mention in the contest. This poem is dedicated to my son Ronald Jordan, who left this earth on Nov. 10th 1989, due to the horrible disease Lymphoma.

Third Child

Your morning revealed
A dagger to the normalcy
Of our day.

You didn't like
Tomatoes, the clown  
Had French fries, and you said
“No ketchup”, and you said
“No bun” for your burger.
“A toy in the box mommy?”

I see on your face that
You remember this place
The man in the
White coat examines the lumps
That have humps, lymphoma
Should have no home here.

You notice that my
Smile has been
Kidnapped, but you
Kept it as
Your own, you were
Stronger than me.

You cannot see the scream
That is constantly forming in my
Isolation, because only
The innocent are
Deceived, but

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