Lysistrata:Cross Your Legs Sister! We packed the house!

     Fall 2014 and here we are again with Dr. Ardencie Hall-Karambe, director and producer of the new Fall show. She wrote and produced an adaptation of Lysistrata, a play originally written by Greek play-write Aristophanes. We didn't know what to expect due to the "vulgar", 'tasteless", and sometimes, sex laden dialogue that was going to be presented to the College campus in this production. Each and every costume was made by the students and those who worked on the show, led by the vision of Dr. Hall-Karambe.
     The first obstacle we were presented with is that the poster, which was generated in our art department and so beautiful, was not going to be accepted as it was due to the revealing graphic used to portray a woman's pubic hairs (you had to be there).
     After that, it seemed all was good to go. The house was packed each night with mixed revues from students and faculty alike. All of the music was written by Dr. Hall-Karambe, bringing a soulful 60's sound to the lips of the do-wop groups that were performing in the play, all under the direction of Doc, what she is lovingly called by her students.
     And the dancing? This was choreographed by Chadwick Adams who made them sweat till they got the bump and grinds just right.
     The cast sang, danced and put on a performance which as one faculty member said, seemed to flow like a "Broadway musical."  Dr. Hall-Karambe and the students of Delta Psi Omega, and Rehearsal and Performance class had done it again. It's no wonder her classes fill up so fast, this professor gives so much of herself to her craft and works doubly hard to bring out the best in her students to make sure they get the very best education in Theater Arts.

Introducing: The Cast of Lysistrata: Cross Your Legs Sister
With special thanks to all who worked to help us to succeed!
Chelsea, Lorenzo, Eboni and Tyrese, Jordan ( and any others who are not up here) When I get your pictures, ill put them up!

11/15/14 - 4
Chimera rocked!
11/15/14 - 20
Sexy Ladies
11/15/14 - 1
Doc and Frank
11/15/14 - 14
Jazzy,Aaron and Tay
11/15/14 - 13
Patrick and Mecca
11/15/14 - 15
11/15/14 - 33
Lamont and Miss Rhonda
11/15/14 - 30
Andrew and Lamont
11/15/14 - 19
Warif, Tish, and Kevin
11/15/14 - 18
Kevin,Mecca,and Lamont
11/15/14 - 16

11/15/14 - 11
Doc Jammin
11/15/14 - 8
11/15/14 - 27
11/15/14 - 31
11/15/14 - 28
11/15/14 - 6
Rosie and Tay
11/15/14 - 7
We Roar!
11/15/14 - 25
I was sewing till the last minute!

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