The screams seemed
to belong
to a place
I had to be rid of,
named no love.

It was so dark, that the only way out
was to blackout,
then hangout
with strangers
that everyone seemed to see,
but me.

With a bottle of this
and a bag of that,
any whisper in my ear
became a matter of fact.

I could believe any lies
with just one more drink,
and no longer feel the pain
of the thoughts that I think.

The screams seemed to come
setting up housekeeping
in my head,
laying in my bed,
delivering my dread.

Did the hammer hit the nail
from a bottle, bowl, or bag?
did I promise you that you
were the best I ever had?

Well please take your coat,
and don't forget your hat,
I promised God a lot of things
and He forgives me for that.

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