My Philadelphia

My Philadelphia
By Rhonda Davis

25th and Diamond-
                                    Raymond Rosen Projects and William Dick, built on a cemetery, but the dead living
          above, some with eyes forward trying to make
  a way out.

24th and Berks-
                                     Bar on the corner, is where he was from, the one that touched me causing
          my innocence to become undone. I was given the biggest piece of cake, I thought I was

50th and Market-
                                    The girl next door had a piano, she played it every day. We were only
           crumb snatchers, The ally was our jungle, we thought the weeds were trees. My sister put shirts on
    her head, the arms hanging down made her feel like her hair was long.  

56th and Market-
                                   The grandmother that gave us ham and potato salad. Was she a white woman? I
            can't remember. But the lady upstairs was always there, but never came down to say hello.  

19th and Lehigh-
                                   My first kiss. I said goodbye to my virginity. The bathroom fell into the kitchen while                we were eating breakfast, a mouse landed right in my plate. The landlord wanted his rent money.    
     We went to see the Jackson 5

11th and Diamond
                                 It was supposed to be about me, it was my first graduation, how did it become about
             you? I got the starring role in the school play. I couldn't do it, I froze. We moved away again. be continued.

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