Whispers in my Ear

By Rhonda Davis

I stood on that corner
     the one over there.
My demons were with me
     fighting off my fear.

The real me lay dormant
     behind all the shame
not daring to breathe
     or call out God's name.

I had to smile wide
     so the pain would not show
I had to talk fast so no-one
would know...........me.
I, Me, Myself and I
by Rhonda Davis

When I met me I asked myself where had I been.

by Rhonda Davis

sometime take some time
to write a line
a little here and there.

Keep in mind it's sound and rhyme,
to keep the reader here.

pump its beat,
make it's meaning sublime,
take some time to write a line.
Who Knew?
by Rhonda Davis

Who knew when I first met
You would turn my life around?

I had no inkling of the tingling feeling
that would flip me upside down.

You fooled my family and my friends too,
they were amazed at my love for you-

My momma said, "please leave him alone,
you can survive without him.
But, I really love my phone.
Water the Walls
by Rhonda Davis

(if they are parched) water the walls, wailing within my heart,
let the stream of silky fluid funnel through the scorching heat,
parched, leave them damp and wanting.

(if they are bruised) gently heal the walls that
are built to keep out the
ragged dry vines that crawl along its eves- Prune them back.

(if they are breached) slowly take down the walls and have
them replaced with new stucco, then
let go.
Stay Put- A message to my heart!
by Rhonda Davis

I know that you creep into my mind,
you try to lead me astray

I know you pretend to be kind,
and want to have things your way.

But listen up and hear me now
I'm going to make you stay put, because now I know how!

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