My Turn

My Turn
By Rhonda Davis

Momma used to say, everyone gets a turn, yours
Will come someday,
I used to hate those kitchen Talks,
Especially when she talked that way.
She was cooking
Us some oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon, and
I was reading Archie comic books twirling my hair ribbon.
You were in the crib slobbering, robbing me of her time.
You got on my nerves, momma used to be all mine.
Momma used to say, keep your panties on,
She didn’t know that they were already torn
She was frying us some Chicken and
I was reading Huckleberry Finn,
And scratching my head at the storyline
You were crawling underfoot and you spit up on my shoe.
Momma had to stop cooking just to come get you.
Momma used to say, don’t fall for the wrong boy,
He will get you in trouble
And steal away your joy.
I was reading Teen Magazine and popping
Some gum.
Momma had to stop what she was doing cause
You screamed you had lots of tantrums.
Momma used to say, you better be home by ten,
And I’d be running out the house to meet
Up with friends. You were in the window,
And started to cry,
I looked back and blew you a kiss
As you waved
Bye, bye.
Now I’m making oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon,
My little girl loves blue ribbons
I am the one frying the chicken at the stove,
And looking over my shoulder and watching mine grow,
And now I hear her, I hear momma say,
Everybody gets a turn, yours will come someday.

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