My Words

This poem was inspired in my poetry class!

My Words
Rhonda Davis

Those that know me say
“Girl you should write,” so
I water my words all
Through the night.

I prune them and feed them and
Slenderize their
Sometimes they pop up in my dreams so
I awake to ponder that.


I push them through my
Pen and say, “I'll write that today.”
I constantly wonder how to fill your 
Need to read, and still
Stay pleased in my own ease.

Should I care what you hear coming
From my pen, should I lay it on
Thick or water it down thin?

Is my intent on your mind when
You read my lines or can you
Capture the flow into your own space and time?

You see, once I write it and send it out
There, my intent should no longer matter,
My words are now a gift,
A shawl or a hat,
For you to wear.
So do me a favor, as you read my lines, for
A moment embrace them as yours,

And no longer mine.

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