Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why Are You Not Writing?

Are you writing today? if not why not? Do you realize that 99.9% of a writers career is spent...DUH...WRITING. Here are some get to it tips that I found helpful to get me off my bum and onto my bum to write like a your "write like a mug ) @

1. Ignore that little voice in your head that is telling you, "do it tomorrow"
That voice will be there every time you open your eyes. It gets on a couch and literally sits in your head, eating chips or some sort of junk food with lots of salt, then thinks about the ice-cream it can add to that salty food while making you think that its okay to just put it off till tomorrow. Don't allow that little *..tch to sit up in your head on that couch all day, the longer she or he sits, the longer they will implant themselves into your present sedentary condition.

2. Write about anything, it will lead to something.
Yeah, yeah I know. today's excuse is writer's block. Well write about that. Write about how your head feels empty and no words will come to your fingertips. Write about how the longer you put off writing, the longer that literary degree goes down the toilet, or whatever degree you have. Write about how you can't stand the sound of your parents voice when they are asking you why did you become a writer if you don't write any damn thing. Write about the creditors you owe money while your are waiting to be published, but how the hell are you gonna be published if you don't submit anything because your lazy ass is not writing anything but you call yourself a writer. Did you just notice how I wrote all of that stuff and its ain't about nothing but not writing?
3.Revisit your half written stuff, one liners, one word pages.
Yep, I know about those too. That short story you wrote in ninth grade that your English teacher said to revise? What are you waiting for? You are now 33 and you can add so much more to that little darling.  Go look for it, its way in the back of your parents garage. Yea, that is it, right back there under your old beat up backpack that your mom left right where you left it all those years ago. Your mom may not want you to be a writer but she never killed your little darlings they are all still in the garage under your box of old essays. While you are there, grab those essays, revise them too. Yeah I know they smell a little moldy but what the hell, they smell better than your credit card bill.
4. Socialize, Socialize, Socialize!
I can't emphasize enough how much you need social media today. You have to be where other writers are. Join groups of writers. Type in your favorite search engine (mine is Google) the word freelancer, writer, editor, or any type of writing that you want to challenge, because you are a damn writer, and join those pages.
5. Be consistent.
Don't do this once then stop. Remember anything that you can do for three weeks straight becomes a habit, check your email regularly for updates to all of the wonderful sites that you are joining, write, to them, submit to them, ask them for advice.
6. Start your own blog!
Now this one is the best because you can write what the hell you want to write as long as there is someone out there who wants to hear what you have to say, and even if it is only one person, that is a listener that may have many, many followers. After you start your blog, join other bloggers on their sites, mention them in your blog and they will become great networking colleagues. Well some of them will, and those who don't, well they may just be busy, writing!

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