Friday, January 3, 2014

The Reasons
     I decided to name the blog "My Heart Sings and Cries", because it constantly reminds me
that just like a heart monitor, life has ups and downs, and that as a writer I must be able to
tap into not just the painful experiences in my life but also the joys and triumphs.
     I was asked what genre of writing am I going to concentrate on; the only answer that I could think of
was conflicted due to the life I've lived so far. I find that I can write across a multitude of genres because I've
experienced so many things. I love fiction, and I love poetry, so as I continue my classes working towards my degree in English/Theater, look back here for my diversity, and I hope that you all enjoy what my mind has to offer. I welcome your comments, and to all my fellow bibliophiles, WRITE ON!

English Project Winner:

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